iPhones, Identity Resolution, and Cloud Computing

By Robert Barker, Infoglide Senior VP & Chief Marketing Officer

A personal favorite saying for years has been “invention is the mother of necessity” (a twist on the original saying, of course). It aptly conveys what has driven the high tech industry for the last several decades. Principles like Moore’s Law and its equivalent for the internet have created unanticipated waves of computing and networking power. All that available power has released the combined creativity of tens of thousands of engineers and marketers who dreamed up ways of interacting and managing our lives and businesses that were inconceivable 30 years ago (for a couple of interesting exceptions, check out this and that).

After listening to friends and relatives rave about their iPhones, I recently pre-ordered the new 3G S so I could pick it up the first day. It’s now my favorite toy, um, er… business productivity tool. And it’s funny how such a simple change can lead you to consider new possibilities.

New iPhone applications pop up every day and they’re being consumed at an incredible rate. In fact, the billionth iPhone app was downloaded in April. In watching and participating in this phenomenon, you start to see all kinds of possibilities, and of course my thoughts turned to identity resolution.

For example, if I’m on my way to meet someone new either socially or for business, why shouldn’t I be able to find out everything that’s publicly available about this person and see it on my iPhone? If you assume that at some point identity resolution becomes available via web services and cloud computing, what if you could speak that person’s name and other attributes into your phone and then receive a synopsis of publicly available information about his or her life and associations?

You’re probably screaming “Big Brother” at me right now. I’m talking about publicly available data, so if that idea bothers you, you’re really objecting to the amount of information that is currently freely available about you, a very real concern. All identity resolution may eventually do is make it much easier to aggregate it and boil it down to its essentials.

Hopefully you’ll excuse me for suggesting such an application. We’re experiencing what could end up being the hottest summer on record here in Austin, with quite a few days already with highs over 100, so my thoughts may be a bit muddled.

How about you: got any hot thoughts about identity resolution in the cloud?

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