Identity Resolution Daily Links 2009-08-14

[Post from Infoglide] Vetting Sharks and Whales

“If you’re not in the casino industry, the title of this post may be meaningless, but for casino managers, “sharks” are the bad guys and “whales” are the good guys. Sharks are people who try to defraud the casino through illegal activities, while whales are the high rollers who are apt to win $20,000 one trip and lost $25,000 the next. If there’s any environment where you’d be motivated as a businessperson to know as much as you can about who you’re dealing with, it’s a casino.”

DATAWARE HOUSING: Business Intelligence and Identity Recognition—IBM’s Entity Analytics

“This article will define master data management (MDM) and explain how customer data integration (CDI) fits within MDM’s framework. Additionally, this article will provide an understanding of how MDM and CDI differ from entity analytics, outline their practical uses, and discuss how organizations can leverage their benefits.”

Workers’Comp Kit Blog: Failure to Pay Workers Compensation Premiums

“A New York asbestos  contractor failed to pay $1.6 Million in workers’ compensation premiums and will serve four years in prison. Upon his release he will be deported to his home country as he is an illegal immigrant… He repeatedly changed the name of his company.”

The TSA Blog: Secure Flight Q&A II

“Each one of these layers alone is capable of stopping a terrorist attack. In combination their security value is multiplied, creating a much stronger, formidable system. A terrorist who has to overcome multiple security layers in order to carry out an attack is more likely to be pre-empted, deterred, or to fail during the attempt.”

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