Identity Resolution Daily Links 2009-09-14

By the Infoglide Team

MAINJUSTICE: Report Finds Flaws in DOJ Worker Comp Oversight

[easy registration required] “The Justice Department does not have effective measures in place to prevent fraud, abuse and waste in its program to provide compensation for employees with work-related injuries or illnesses, according to a DOJ Office of Inspector General report released today.”

Information Management: HP and Informatica’s Expanded Relationship: Portent of Bigger Deals to Come?

“So is the partnership with Informatica a ‘proof of concept’ for future acquisition or is it simply HP BIS’s answer: ‘We are a services business and we will leave software to our partners’?”

FederalComputerWeek: 5 decisions that will determine the fate of e-health records

“Under the economic stimulus law passed earlier this year, as much as $45 billion will be distributed to health care providers who buy and use approved electronic health record systems. The road ahead is still bumpy for EHRs, but experts say success hinges on the outcomes of five major decisions.”

Dalton’s Blog: Migrating Data into an MDM Repository - Case Study

“Notice that if you’re using Data Federation to implement your MDM solution, there is no data migration. Data Federation acts as a virtual central repository, and as such, does not require a physical copy of your source data. Data Federation “translates” the source information in real time according to required business rules and definitions. It is, so to speak, a real-time Extract-Transform process.”

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