Identity Resolution Daily Links 2009-09-18

[Post from Infoglide] Metrics for Entity Resolution

“In the last post I discussed the concepts of internal and external views of identity.  The fact that we can have different views of the same identity then raises the question of how to go about comparing different views.  What complicates this issue is that, even though we can talk about resolving references in pairs (i.e. linking two records if they refer to the same entity), the total number of references can be quite large, and consequently, there are many possible pair-wise combinations to consider.”

FederalComputerWeek: DOD opens some classified information to non-federal officials

“The non-federal officials will get access via the Homeland Security department’s secret-level Homeland Security Data Network. That network is currently deployed at 27 of the more than 70 fusion centers located around the country, according to DHS.”

Gerson Lehrman Group: Stylish Master Data Management

“In my experience, one of these styles is nigh-on impractical.  ‘Centralized’ (also called ‘transaction’) implies a wrenching architectural shift whereby the a master data hub becomes the one and only source of master data for an enterprise, replacing the functionality of generating master data in existing transaction systems, and serving up ‘golden copy’ data to other systems, perhaps via an enterprise service bus architecture. This sounds elegant, but is extremely invasive.”

INFORMATICA PERSPECTIVES: Get To “Meaningful Use” Faster

Identity resolution’s goal is to find the right person at the right time, regardless of the potential for error and variation in what information is available at the time of request.  This could be during patient registration and admission, patient transfers or referrals, emergency room visits, and simply sharing information across providers or insurers.  The ability to do this effectively must become the most basic and core function.”

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