Identity Resolution Daily Links 2009-10-05

By the Infoglide Team

todaysthv.com: Arkansas Business on Today’s THV: Arkansas Lottery

“The efforts start at the lottery’s west little rock distribution center, home to 26 million lottery tickets potentially worth about $48 million in winnings. But those tickets are worthless until they pass through multiple security scans. The system ensures that no one can redeem a winning ticket if it was taken from a hijacked delivery truck, or a smash-and-grab at a convenience store that sells the tickets.”

Telegraph.co.uk: EU funding ‘Orwellian’ artificial intelligence plan to monitor public for ‘abnormal behaviour’

“York University’s computer science department website details how its task is to develop ‘computational linguistic techniques for information gathering and learning from the web”…’Our focus is on novel techniques for word sense induction, entity resolution, relationship mining, social network analysis [and] sentiment analysis,’ it says.”

Information Management: Risk Management and the Need for Master Data Management

“By reconciling disparate master data (clients, products, vendors, chart-of-accounts, reference data) across the enterprise, MDM can provide organizations with a comprehensive and accurate view of their businesses, helping them understand their risk exposure to clients and vendors and their overall financial health.”

Government Computer News: Fusion center approach could be effective in other areas

“Closely related cousins to fusion centers are emergency operations centers. Although these centers might also deal with security-related data feeds, their main function is to import real-time data that’s related to specific events such as national disasters or terrorist incidents. An emergency operations center may track everything from the location of ambulances or rescue personnel to available hospital beds or even the location of victims who need to be rescued.”

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