Identity Resolution Daily Links 2009-10-12

By the Infoglide Team

revenueXL: Web based EMR - ASP vs. SaaS? Should you really care?

SaaS applications differ from ASP applications in that SaaS solutions are developed specifically to leverage web technologies such as the browser, thereby making them web-native. The database design and architecture of SaaS applications are specifically built with ‘multi-tenancy’ in mind, thereby enabling multiple tenants (customers or users) to access a shared data model. An ASP application on the other hand in most cases is a typical Client-Server application (meant for a single client) that is accessed over the internet and therefore includes an independent instance of Database that is specifically meant for your medical office.”

The Data Asset: Closing the Loop: Selecting the Right Technology

“Data management tools include those for data profiling, data quality and identity resolution. Measures that need to be addressed include data standardization, pattern standardization, address verification, and adherence to business rules.”

Homeland Security: DHS Announces New Information-Sharing Tool to Help Fusion Centers Combat Terrorism

“State and major urban area fusion centers provide critical links for information sharing between and across all levels of government, and help fulfill key recommendations of the 9/11 Commission. This initiative will serve as a valuable resource to enhance situational awareness and support more timely and complete analysis of national security threats.”

ITBusinessEdge: Seven Data Integration Trends

Master data management, which should be an enterprisewide endeavor, is being deployed for tactical purposes. The result? MDM projects support specific business needs and aren’t fully integrated across the enterprise.”

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