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Infoglide Software provides entity resolution and analysis solutions for retail, banking, insurance, government, and law enforcement. Without the need for data cleansing or warehousing, Infoglide Software’s Identity Resolution Engine™ (IRE) analyzes all of the information relating to individuals and/or entities from multiple sources of data and then applies likelihood and probability scoring to determine which identities are a match and what, if any, non-obvious relationships exist between those identities.

The software is typically used to uncover risk, fraud, and conflicts of interest but is also a useful tool within Business Intelligence (BI) and Master Data Management (MDM) applications.

Identity Resolution Daily is the blog of Austin, TX-based Infoglide Software. At Infoglide Software, we strive for innovation and success. We are also just as strongly dedicated to citizenship, integrity, and communication, and those values are at the heart of this blog. We hope that it is a site for information, dialogue, and community.

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