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Identity Resolution Daily Links 2009-07-27

Monday, July 27th, 2009

By the Infoglide Team

information management: Multidomain Master Data Management for Business Success

“All data that flows through an enterprise can be categorized into six different types: who, what, when, where, how and why. Master data is about who, what, when and where. ‘Who’ data is about the parties of interest that matter most to a business or organization including stakeholders, benefactors, customers, suppliers, owners, providers, partners, etc.”

HSToday: DHS Highlights Intelligence Improvements in Report Marking 9/11 Report Anniversary

“To date, 72 fusion centers have been designated throughout the country, with DHS having provided more than $340 million from fiscal years 2004-2009 to state and local governments to support these centers. DHS also deployed the Homeland Security Data Network to 29 fusion centers, which allows the federal government to share information and intelligence with states and provides fusion center staff access to the most current terrorism-related information.”

The Healthcare IT Guy: Guest Article: Why Doctors Hate Electronic Medical Records

“The fact is that doctors love high-tech. They have reason to hate EMRs but not computers and iPhones.”

DecisionStats: Interview Jim Harris Data Quality Expert OCDQ Blog

Jim Harris - ‘I know that Gartner has reported that 25% of critical data within large businesses is somehow inaccurate or incomplete and that 50% of implementations fail due to lack of attention to data quality issues.’”

Identity Resolution Daily Links 2009-07-13

Monday, July 13th, 2009

By the Infoglide Team

CiOZone: Ask the CIO: What’s your data management strategy?

“Undoubtedly, the recession has interrupted—or scaled back—some MDM-related work. But as Aaron Zornes said during an interview just before the July 4th holiday, ‘It’s not as if projects like risk management or Anti-Money Laundering, or Know Your Customer can wait until the economy improves.’ Some work just has to go forward—rain, shine, or economic downturn.”

Insurance Journal: California Efforts To Reduce Prison Budget Would Hurt Fraud Fighting

“‘Taking the power out of the hands of the public prosecutor to charge someone with a felony crime will have a serious impact on public safety. Insurance fraud is a serious crime that demands serious consequences,’ the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud, National Insurance Crime Bureau, National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association and the International Association of Special Investigation Units said in a joint letter to Schwarzenegger.”

mydesert.com: 6 accused of trying to steal winning lottery tickets in Coachella Valley

“Undercover investigators posing as customers handed clerks decoy winning tickets and asked if they had won, Jeandron said. Some of the clerks told the investigators that their ticket was not a winner, but then went on to file a claim with the Lottery to collect the winnings.”

HISTALK: Monday Morning Update 7/13/09

“I don’t have access to the full text of the article, but I truly believe that once the pain of getting EMRs running as data collection appliances is over (meaning we’ve got data collection clerks known as doctors and nurses in place, which is the ‘pain’ part), the benefit will be incredible.”

Identity Resolution Daily Links 2009-07-06

Monday, July 6th, 2009

[Post from Infoglide] Entity Extraction

“In my last post I discussed my definitions for entity resolution, entity identification, entity disambiguation, and anonymous entity resolution.  (And I reiterate that these are just my definitions and are not binding on anyone except possibly my students.) Let’s go back to the overarching term entity resolution (ER).  In its broadest sense, I see ER as encompassing three major activities…”

Article Marketing: Electronic Medical Records – Are There Reasons For Low Implementation?

“Doctors may soon have little choice but to implement computerized medical billing and patient record systems. HIPAA’s scope recently expanded to health care providers with less than $5 million in revenue.”

OCDQ Blog: Worthy Data Quality Whitepapers (Part 1)

“It is about the data – the quality of the data… This is the subtitle of two brief but informative data quality whitepapers freely available (no registration required) from the Electronic Commerce Code Management Association (ECCMA): Transparency and Data Portability.”

SmartData Collective: Moving BI Into The Cloud Part 1

“Over the last year I have been reading a lot about cloud computing and trying to predict how this can be used in business intelligence and analytics. I believe that the cloud is becoming relevant for a number of reasons…”

Identity Resolution Daily Links 2009-06-22

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

By the Infoglide Team

intelligent enterprise: They Better Get This MDM Program Right

“As reported in The New York Times and on the TSA Web site, the Secure Flight program will improve upon current practices in matching passenger identities to watch lists in many ways. At first glance, this appears to be a well thought-out program that conforms to several basic tenets of Master Data Management (in bold below), in this case for the ‘Customer’ entity.”

EHRWMS: Georgia’s Best EMR Used By Three of Top Ten Pediatricians

“Of approximately 100 respondents, 28 used an EMR, of which 40% used the EncounterPRO Pediatric EMR. There were only three other EMRs used more than once, and they were used by only 10%, 7%, and 7% of the survey respondents respectively.”

Government Executive: Enforcement agencies boost cooperation on drug investigations

“In addition, ICE agents for the first time will fully participate in the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force Fusion Center. The center allows participating federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, including DEA and the FBI, to share information and analytical resources to enhance their overall investigative capacity.”

SmartData Collective: The Data-Information Continuum

“Data could be considered a constant while information is a variable that redefines data for each specific use. Data is not truly a constant since it is constantly changing. However, information is still derived from data and many different derivations can be performed while data is in the same state (i.e. before it changes again).”

Identity Resolution Daily Links 2009-06-12

Friday, June 12th, 2009

[Post from Infoglide] Data Source Disintermediation?

“According to Wikipedia, ‘disintermediation is the removal of intermediaries in a supply chain: ‘cutting out the middleman’… Buyers bypass the middlemen (wholesalers and retailers) in order to buy directly from the manufacturer and thereby pay less.’”

[Jim Harris] OCDQ Blog: The Two Headed Monster of Data Matching

“Data matching is commonly defined as the comparison of two or more records in order to evaluate if they correspond to the same real world entity (i.e. are duplicates) or represent some other data relationship (e.g. a family household). Data matching is commonly plagued by what I refer to as The Two Headed Monster…”

CorpWatch: CorpWatch announces release of the CrocTail application and open CorpWatch API

CrocTail provides an interface for browsing information about several hundred thousand U.S. publicly traded corporations and their many foreign and domestic subsidiaries. Information from company Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings has been parsed and annotated by CorpWatch to highlight specific corporate accountability issues. CrocTail also serves as a demonstration of the features and data available through the CorpWatch API.”

Vos Is Neias: Washington - TSA Advising Travelers To Book Airline Tickets Using Full Real Names

“While the T.S.A. has announced Aug. 15 as a target date for the airlines to begin asking for each passenger’s full name, gender and date of birth, and has already begun publicizing the program, called Secure Flight, the agency acknowledged that it would go into effect in phases as the airlines update their systems.”

Data Source Disintermediation?

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

By Robert Barker, Infoglide Senior VP & Chief Marketing Officer

According to Wikipedia, “disintermediation is the removal of intermediaries in a supply chain: ‘cutting out the middleman’… Buyers bypass the middlemen (wholesalers and retailers) in order to buy directly from the manufacturer and thereby pay less.” Some famous disintermediation examples are:

•    Bookselling (e.g., Amazon’s long-tail marketing of millions of books online)
•    Travel (e.g., Southwest Airlines selling tickets direct to consumers on the web)
•    Computers (e.g., Dell selling computers direct to consumer and businesses over the internet).

Disintermediation was THE hot topic during the dot com boom, but the heady prediction that virtually every industry would be disintermediated has yet to become a reality. Nevertheless, over the past decade or so we’ve all tracked the news as one business model after another is attacked by competitors who seek a way to “disintermediate” a particular sector.

Part of the power of identity resolution solutions derives from the data sources upon which they’re based, and both the quantity and quality of data sources can affect the results. One challenging identity resolution problem we’ve written about that relies on a variety of data sources is insider trading (see Leveraging Identity Resolution Data Sources). Drawing on multiple data internal and external, public and private data sources, identity resolution unwinds multiple degrees of business, friendship, and familial relationships to uncover likely illegal stock market gains.

Now potential disintermediation plays related to data sources are emerging. CrunchBase is a well-known example, offering a free database of technology companies, people, and investors that anyone can edit. San Francisco-based CorpWatch is a non-profit engaged in “investigative research and journalism to expose corporate malfeasance and to advocate for multinational corporate accountability and transparency”. They’ve just announced an API that makes it easier to search SEC data:

“Although the SEC provides a search interface for locating company filings (EDGAR / IDEA), and the subsidiary information is not presented in a standardized format suitable for automated use or insertion into a database. The CorpWatch API uses parsers to “scrape” the subsidiary relationship information from Exhibit 21 of the 10-K filings and provides a well-structured interface for programs to query and process the subsidiary data.”

The free CorpWatch API enables identity resolution and other applications to look up the formal names of corporations, ascertain their relationships to other corporations, find their locations around the world, learn their alternate and formal names, and access other useful information. Up to now, you could only get this kind of information from relatively expensive paid subscriptions from commercial data providers.

Is it possible that the efforts of organizations like CorpWatch point to a future in which an abundance of new, free sources of data will make it even easier to create identity resolution applications?

Identity Resolution Daily Links 2009-05-18

Monday, May 18th, 2009

By the Infoglide Team

e-patients.net: Meaningful Use: The Elephant IS In The Room

“A recent NPR/Kaiser Family Foundation poll shows that the American public is surprisingly more positive about the potentials of EHRs than most professionals. People already are familiar with computerized information and accept its risks.”

IT-Director.com: Trends in Master Data Management

“The interesting question is how much pressure this puts on the other MDM players with data quality solutions (like Dataflux and SAP/Business Objects) to build out their data profiling capabilities into the area of data discovery.”


“There are less than 400,000 individuals on the consolidated terrorist watch list and less than 50,000 individuals on the no-fly and selectee lists. Individuals on the no-fly and selectee lists are identified by law enforcement and intelligence partners as legitimate threats to transportation requiring either additional screening or prohibition from boarding an aircraft.”

OCDQ Blog: TDWI World Conference Chicago 2009

“TDWI World Conference Chicago 2009 was held May 3-8 in Chicago, Illinois at the Hyatt Regency Hotel and was a tremendous success.  I attended as a Data Quality Journalist for the International Association for Information and Data Quality (IAIDQ). I used Twitter to provide live reporting from the conference.  Here are my notes from the courses I attended…”

Identity Resolution Daily Links 2009-05-14

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

[Post from Infoglide] Let’s Be Reasonable

“A recent post, ‘Terrorist Watchlist, Troubling Flaws Revealed’, starts out by making a valid point. If the terrorist watchlist is flawed, then the name matching results against such a list will be flawed. The author then goes on to reach related conclusions through rationalization rather than reasoning.”

Acxiom: Prognostications for the New Year 

Identity resolution will get its due. Sure, you can call it infrastructure. Processing and rules intensive, customer identity resolution has been relegated to the underlying algorithms of third-party data providers, MDM, and data quality vendors. However, companies are recognizing that they may have unique customer data-matching needs-a bank we work with has more than 50 definitions of a household-and they’ll be looking at smarter, more specialized ways to automate them.”

Dallas Morning News: Dallas Police Department’s Fusion Center outsmarts criminals

“Chief David Kunkle, who championed the unit’s formation in January 2007, refers to it as the “brains” of a department that reported a 10 percent drop in crime last year and a nearly 19 percent decline in the first quarter of this year.”

datanomic: Fractured approaches to Sanctions Screening put UK Companies at risk, says new FSA report

“‘The use of multiple identities is common in the criminal world and Al-Qaeda’s own training manual requires its operatives to use false identities to hide their terrorist activities. Exploiting variations of a criminal’s real name is, perhaps, the simplest way of acquiring a new identity. Typical approaches are to use name variations or switching the order of names,’ added Pearson. ‘Other data, such as dates of birth are often manipulated simply by transposing digits.’”

Cloud Computing Journal: Experian QAS Launches QAS Pro On Demand

“‘By offering address verification in a SaaS model, we are enabling organizations of all sizes to maintain accurate contact data in a cost-effective platform,’ said Joel Curry, chief operating officer, Experian QAS. ‘As businesses change over time, our new infrastructure is able to adapt to shifting demands.’

Identity Resolution Daily Links 2009-05-11

Monday, May 11th, 2009

By the Infoglide Team

BI Blogs: Business Intelligence - The Unconquered Territories

“Let’s face it - There are technology limitations. Operational BI (Lack of real-time data access), Guided analytics (Lack of comprehensive business metadata), Information as a Service (Lack of SOA based BI architecture) are some of those technology limitations that come to my mind.”

SecurityInfoWatch: RILA survey: Retail crime on rise

“Some 72 percent of respondents said they have seen an increase in organized retail crime (ORC), and 52 percent said they had experienced a rise in financial fraud. Paul Jones, vice president of asset protection for RILA, noted that the increase in ORC should set off alarms not only within the retail community, but also within the business and law enforcement community. Organized retail crime typically involves organized groups of criminals operating shoplifting rings which have networks to fence their stolen goods, which may also appear on Internet auction sites like eBay, as well as at flea markets.”

Fast Company: Work/Life: “Secure Flight” Takes to the Air in August

“So now is the time to examine your driver’s license or passport to see that your first name, middle initial (if you use one), and last name appeared exactly the same across all of your identification. If you need a new photo for your driver’s license, now is the time to get it. Being consistent with your name also means that all of your bookings - including air, hotel, and car rental - must be consistent.”

SmartDataCollective: Enterprise Data World 2009

[Jim Harris] “Enterprise Data World is the business world’s most comprehensive vendor-neutral educational event about data and information management.  This year’s program was bigger than ever before, with more sessions, more case studies, and more can’t-miss content.”

Identity Resolution Daily Links 2009-04-03

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

[Post from Infoglide] Secure Flight and Identity Resolution

“Most of the time we’re just heads down doing our job of providing identity resolution solutions for our customers. But this is one of those weeks at Infoglide when we appreciate the opportunities we’ve had to make a difference. TSA announced that the Secure Flight Program has begun vetting passengers.”

[Post from Infoglide] TDWI Interview: Identity Resolution Reveals

“In a comprehensive discussion, Doug Wood of Infoglide Software spoke about an area of confusion that exists when people discuss identity resolution. He pointed out that the term is sometimes misapplied to describe software that performs data matching alone.”

data quality PRO: Identifying Duplicate Customers (Part 2)

[Jim Harris] “False negatives can be caused when the greater concern about false positives motivates a cautious approach to duplicate identification. This leads many projects to adopt a strategy allowing only exact matches. Therefore, let’s begin by looking for duplicates where the exact same information is repeated on multiple records – meaning where all attributes are populated and have the same value…”

TMCnet.com: Workers’ comp fraud rising: Task force to make unannounced visits

“‘The theory is that in a difficult economic climate, crime tends to go up as does fraud. People who aren’t otherwise motivated to be dishonest may follow that path,’ said Maureen O’Connell deputy district attorney with the fraud unit. The unit has seen a marked increase in workers’ compensation fraud over the past year and has had to double the fraud unit’s staff to handle the volume, she said.”

data quality PRO: External Reference Data - An Overview

“My guess is that exploiting external reference data as an important element in achieving optimal data quality will increase heavily in the following years, and cloud computing will be a main driver.”

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