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More Than “Nice”: Identity Resolution is Core to MDM

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

By Robert Barker, Infoglide Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

Writing about Informatica’s acquisition of Identity Systems, industry expert Jill Dyche offers a great perspective on MDM. This author of a number of very useful books on MDM, CRM, and data warehousing shared in a recent post that she sees the acquisition by Informatica as a good one for the company and the industry.

We recently talked about Identity Resolution’s relationship to BI and MDM. Jill mentions that Identity Resolution addresses or enhances five of eight core MDM functions identified in a CDI book she recently co-authored:

  • A single point of data retrieval
  • Consistent value representation
  • An accurate and repeatable means of matching and merging data
  • A repository of clean, reliable data
  • Support of multiple data sources

When you first encounter the concept of Identity Resolution (also known as Entity Resolution and Analysis), it’s tempting to reduce it to matching similar names for de-duping. While Jill’s list includes that function and more, I’d add some that aren’t on her list. While similarity (or fuzzy) matching is the basic level of functionality needed to resolve identities, integrating three additional functions significantly enhances Identity Resolution’s value in managing corporate performance.

First, detecting hidden relationships to find out “who’s who and who knows whom” can really boost the value of the results. Now to really exploit the full power of Identity Resolution, add two more ingredients: first, a decisioning function that determines what the resolved identities and hidden relationships mean, and then a business processing function that links those decisions into existing business processes.

It’s heartening to see that Informatica’s acquisition of Identity Systems is increasing awareness and discussion of Identity Resolution. There’s a growing realization that it’s not just a “nice” feature but has become a mandatory feature of any good MDM solution.

Identity Resolution Daily Links 2008-5-2

Friday, May 2nd, 2008

[Post from Infoglide Software] Are Name Matching and Entity Resolution Equivalent? No.

“First of all, I take issue with the comment that entity resolution is ‘a fancy name for name matching.’ Name matching is necessary but not sufficient for entity resolution, i.e. entity resolution (aka identity resolution) includes name matching analytics plus quite a bit more.”

Enterprise Systems: Informatica Taps Identity Systems for Identity Resolution

“Chong argues that the addition of identity resolution technology to its core data quality capability lets Informatica validate data wherever it resides. ‘We think that with the way the global information economy is evolving, we’ve talked with several CIOs who feel that the enterprise boundary that exists around the data, it doesn’t exist anymore,’ he indicates.”

Data Governance and Data Quality Insider: The Solution Maturity Cycle

“I saw the news about Informatica’s acquisition of Identity Systems, and it got me thinking. I recognize a familiar pattern that all too often occurs in the enterprise software business. I’m going to call it the Solution Maturity Cycle. It goes something like this:”

LPinformation: Uniting Against OCR

“Based on the estimates of several retailers, approximately 18 percent of all stolen goods (around $5.4 billion) are being sold via the Internet. More strikingly, retailers estimate that approximately 25 to 30 percent of goods being sold on web auction sites were stolen or fraudulently obtained, according to NRF’s preliminary survey findings.”

BloggingStocks: Informatica buys a new identity

“So far, Identity has more than 500 customers. But, with the extra distribution – and marketing possibilities – of Informatica, footprint should expand quickly, especially with the imperatives for security, compliance and homeland security. What’s more, the deal should provide more heft against a major competitor, International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE: IBM).”

Are Name Matching and Entity Resolution Equivalent? No.

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

By Robert Barker, Infoglide Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

The rumble about Informatica’s acquisition of Identity Systems continues. Vincent McBurney’s recent post from Australia illustrates the global impact of such industry events and makes some interesting points that deserve a response.

First of all, I take issue with the comment that entity resolution is “a fancy name for name matching.” Name matching is necessary but not sufficient for entity resolution, i.e. entity resolution (aka identity resolution) includes name matching analytics plus quite a bit more.

In fact, we talk about four layers that constitute a complete entity resolution engine - similarity searching (in our parlance), identity resolution/relationship detection, decisioning and rules processing, and business processing. In a recent post, we pointed out that Ovum, Bloor Research, and other bloggers note that the number of vendors possessing a complete solution is small.

Informatica’s move to add Identity Systems’ products to their data quality suite of capabilities looks like a good one, and I’ll bet they quickly integrate it in a way that will benefit their customers. Adding name matching to enhance de-duping, however, does not equal introducing a complete entity resolution solution. Name matching technology has existed for some time. Entity resolution and analysis is a wholly new area of business intelligence (and we think Gartner would back us on this since they recently added it to their hype cycle as a separate category), which has important implications for both government and commercial markets.

Identity Resolution Daily Links 2008-4-28

Monday, April 28th, 2008

b-eye.com - Business Intelligence Network - Blog: Dan Power: Business Intelligence Big 4

“The cover story for the April 14, 2008 InformationWeek focused on business intelligence. The article titled ‘Then There Were Four’ is by Mary Hayes Weier (pps. 33-41). The overriding question of the article is: “Are the big 4 making BI better?” She never really answers the question. My answer is MAYBE.”

Intelligent Enterprise: Informatica Plans To Add Identity Software To Integration Platform

Informatica, which is set to acquire Nokia subsidiary Identity Systems, plans to add the company’s technology within Informatica’s integration software to help customers resolve identity data about a variety of objects, including people, companies and products.”

b-eye.com - Business Intelligence Network: Your Business Intelligence Program - Managing Spin with a Common Vocabulary

“A large part of this is simply the vocabulary we use to communicate with our business constituents. That means you, Mister IT Spin Meister. The table in Figure 1 reflects an example of the ‘before and after’ language of a typical IT shop when it comes to business intelligence:”

ONN: Stores Want Protection From Large Thefts

“Grocery and retail store owners want Ohio lawmakers to help crack down on organized crime that does large-scale shoplifting. State senator Bill Seitz says it’s more than petty shoplifting than prompted him to support the legislation. Teams of crooks that police call organized retail thefts have been caught on tape sweeping the shelves of valuable goods.”

DataFlux Community of Experts: Clarification on Defining Master Data Management

“I was reviewing some material I had written about 1 1/2 years ago on MDM and it struck me that I have gone through some revisions on my opinions regarding the definition of master data. At first my perception was that master data, by definition, should be extracted from its numerous source systems and consolidated into its own data repository, to be accessed by downstream applications.”

Identity Resolution Daily Links 2008-4-25

Friday, April 25th, 2008

[Post from Infoglide Software] Identity Resolution Market “on the Rise”

“In case you missed it, leading data quality vendor Informatica announced last week that they are acquiring Identity Systems from its parent Nokia for approximately $85M in cash, validating a recent prediction by Gartner analyst Mark Beyer that “entity resolution and analysis” (aka Identity Resolution) products provide valuable benefits to user organizations, are part of a market space that’s “on the rise,” and will move fairly rapidly through the hype cycle to implementation.”

IT-Director.com: Informatica to acquire Identity Systems

“Of course the other point is that this gives Informatica a distinct lead in this area over everybody else in the data quality space (Trillium, Dataflux, SAP et al) with the exception of IBM. Which leaves one final question: who is going to buy Infoglide?”

PogoWasRight.org: Wacky Canadians Still Believe in Privacy (commentary)

Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff caused a little ruckus up north a couple weeks ago as he was pushing his plan to share databases of international air travelers’ fingerprints with the Canadians, Brits and Aussies.”

Content Matters: Informatica Acquires Identity Systems

Identity Systems is among the leaders in the identity resolution space, competing against IBM, which acquired Language Analysis Systems (LAS) and System Research & Development (SRD), and Austin-based Infoglide Software.”

Kotaku: Man Swaps Garbage Filled 360 For Cash

Wal-Mart has long been known for its liberal return policy, but one Xbox 360 owner took it too far.”

Gartner: Informatica Expands Data Quality With Identity Systems Buy

“Identity Systems’ tools can conduct cross-language matching — for example, matching ‘Robert’ in English with the Chinese character equivalent. Matching has long been a part of data quality management, but Informatica will now be able to offer other options beyond traditional matching approaches, which support many marketing, sales support, fraud detection and intelligence applications. This will be of interest to master data management (MDM) and business intelligence program strategists.”

Identity Resolution Market “on the Rise”

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

By Robert Barker, Infoglide Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

In case you missed it, leading data quality vendor Informatica announced last week that they are acquiring Identity Systems from its parent Nokia for approximately $85M in cash, validating a recent prediction by Gartner analyst Mark Beyer that “entity resolution and analysis” (aka Identity Resolution) products provide valuable benefits to user organizations, are part of a market space that’s “on the rise,” and will move fairly rapidly through the hype cycle to implementation.

What’s fueling the Identity Resolution space? Interestingly, it’s being driven by and in parallel with growth in some of the hottest enterprise software markets: Data Quality, MDM, BI, and CRM. Apparently in each market there’s an increasing recognition by commercial as well as government and law enforcement organizations of the need for Identity Resolution.

Commercial customers need to identify customers and increase their loyalty, drive profits, and gain competitive advantage, but most existing systems are unable to resolve multiple customer records into one without losing valuable data. Poor data quality costs U.S. businesses over $600 million annually, so the demand is growing rapidly for products that can bring together and resolve identity information from multiple disparate data sources in real time.

Likewise, investigators of commercial fraud in areas like organized retail crime and insurance claims fraud as well as government agencies like the Department of Homeland Services (DHS) need to combat fraudsters and criminals who are continuously trying to subvert existing software applications.

Almost immediately after Informatica’s announcement, market analyst firm Ovum issued an analysis of Informatica’s move. Then this morning, Phillip Howard at Bloor Research posted his thoughts regarding the impact of this acquisition on MDM and data quality players that include Oracle, Purisma, Siperian, Siebel, Trillium, Dataflux, and SAP, among others.

With all that’s happening in Identity Resolution right now, we’d like to hear what you think.

Identity Resolution Daily Links 2008-4-18

Friday, April 18th, 2008

[Post from Infoglide Software] Mistaken Identity Resolution Part IV: Identity Resolution vs. Data Warehousing

“Thus far this series of posts on ‘Mistaken Identity Resolution’ has contrasted Identity Resolution with Master Data Management (MDM) and Data Integration. What about one of the more established data concepts - data warehouses? How are they different? And how do they work together? If at all?”

Ovum: Informatica gets new identity, reports steady Q1 growth

Informatica has agreed to buy Identity Systems, a subsidiary of Nokia, for around $85m in cash. . . . Informatica believes that Identity’s software will give it a ‘differentiated’ cross-language identity matching capabilities. That said, InfoGlide and IBM (from its SRD acquisition) also have identity resolution engines. Arguably these two products are more complete in that they use rules engine and workflow processes to automate decision making.”

Vindy.com: Organized retail theft to equal racketeering

“A Cincinnati lawmaker introduced legislation Tuesday cracking down on organized retail theft rings that target stores for everything from baby formula to small appliances. Republican Sen. Bill Seitz said such crime is costing retailers billions of dollars annually in lost sales and state and local governments some $88 million in sales tax revenues. Seitz’s SB 320 would add ‘organized retail theft’ to the list of offenses Ohio law categorizes as ‘corrupt activity,’ ranking it with racketeering.”

b-eye.com - Business Intelligence Network - Blog: Shawn Rogers: The stack is moving….

“Generally when we use the term stack in the business intelligence world we are talking about the big 4: IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP along with all their recent acquisitions Cognos, BO etc. All of these companies claim to provide a platform to enable every type of business intelligence you might need to have. It’s interesting to me that one of the largest platforms out there is often ignored but continues to grow into our business world through the internet. Google is much more than a search engine. Over the past couple years the company has branched out to become a business solution platform. Some of the players in the BI space are already taking advantage of it.”

KNXV-TV: Website tells you how long security lines are at Sky Harbor Airport

“The next time you fly you may want to click on the TSA website in order to save some time or prepare to wait a little longer in security lines. . . . The government owned site allows a user to click on various airports, terminals, and security checkpoints to see how long you should expect to wait in line before making it to the gate.”

DataFlux Community of Experts: Master Data Discovery and Data Mapping

“In my experience, if you follow processes associated with customer data you start to discover master data residing in other unexpected places, e.g. Access databases, Excel spreadsheets etc. . . . Having discovered disparate master data, you will most likely find that even if copies of master data reside in different systems the data may be named differently across those systems. So, the next challenge is for each master data entity (e.g. customer, product, employee, asset etc.) to map disparate master data in identified systems to commonly defined master data described using the shared business vocabulary. This is a difficult and time-consuming exercise to do manually. Fortunately, there are tools now available to help explore systems looking for master data and to automatically map that disparate data to commonly defined enterprise wide definitions of master data.”

Homeland Security Watch: Homeland Secretary Offers 10-year Vision, in 4 Parts

“Last week DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff delivered a speech at Yale University entitled ‘Confronting The Threats To Our Homeland.’ Citing the five-year mark for DHS and the three-year mark for his tenure as its head, he explained that such an occasion warrants not just one speech, but four. And the first — the one he delivered at Yale — offers insight into the way he views the ‘challenges and threats that we face over the next five and ten years relating to homeland security in the broadest sense.’”

Mistaken Identity Resolution Part IV: Identity Resolution vs. Data Warehousing

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

By Robert Barker, Infoglide Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

Thus far this series of posts on “Mistaken Identity Resolution” has contrasted Identity Resolution with Master Data Management (MDM) and Data Integration. What about one of the more established data concepts - data warehouses? How are they different? And how do they work together? If at all?

The differences are pretty simple. In 1990 Bill Inmon defined a data warehouse as “a subject-oriented, integrated, time-variant and non-volatile collection of data in support of management’s decision making process.” What was a new concept in 1990 has passed through Gartner’s hype cycle to become an expected component of IT infrastructure for most large- and many medium-sized organizations. Data is transferred into a data warehouse and is expected to reside there indefinitely (and without changing) to support mostly analytical, but increasingly operational, activities. So a data warehouse is a repository for data. Identity resolution technologies are software that operate on data.

So is the relationship between identity resolution and warehousing complementary, beneficial, or problematic? At times the presence of a well-managed data warehouse can ease the identity resolution process by providing one reliable data source that can be similarity searched with other “dirtier” data sources. At other times, the cleansing methodology that is often used to prepare data for warehousing is problematic because it can hide or even obliterate data variances caused by fraudsters. These data variances are exactly what identity resolution uses to resolve multiple identities into one and uncover hidden relationships.

To further confuse the matter, in certain cases, identity resolution technologies like our Identity Resolution Engine(tm) (IRE) operate on data in remote, disparate databases, acting as a virtual data warehouse by combining data “on the fly.” In other cases, IRE works perfectly well on existing data warehouses.

So the answer to our previous question about identity resolution and data warehouses is the famous one you often get from consultants: “it depends.” However, by carefully determining the right points in existing processes to implement identity resolution, data warehousing and identity resolution can be both complementary to each other and beneficial to existing systems.

Make sense? Or maybe not? Let us know what you think.

Thoughts From the Floor of the Business Intelligence Summit

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

By Robert Barker, Infoglide Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer/Acting Chief Technology Officer

Infoglide Software’s Bob Barker is at Gartner’s BI Summit in Chicago this week. Here’s his report:

As Gartner’s BI Summit moves ahead this week, it’s interesting to note how thoughts about master data management (MDM) and business intelligence (BI) interact. It’s apparent that MDM is high on the “hype cycle” right now and, given the power of its main premise, rightly so. Yet it’s also true that current levels of Chief Information Officer (CIO) interest in applying powerful BI concepts to improve business processes have never been higher.

Master data represents a critical subset of your data, according to Gartner’s Andrew White. It’s the part that’s critical to daily operations - customers, products, etc. - and that demands a certain level of management for accuracy and uniformity if good operational decisions are to be made. The “right data” must be available if operational systems are expected to produce consistently good results.

That said, I worry that both proponents of MDM and BI are overlooking an important subset of problems - you know, the ones we write about here all the time. They’re the ones that, while sometimes benefiting from MDM and BI improvements to data quality, often draw extremely valuable information from the “dirt” that MDM efforts remove.

For example, say we have two records:

Robert E. Lee, 345 Main St, Anytown, US 12345

Robbie Leigh, 345 Maine Street, Any Town, US 12345

If we were just cleansing and integrating the data, those records would probably be seen as being the same entity so they’d be combined. But what if Robert E. Lee was a witness in an accident that resulted in an insurance claim, and Robbie Leigh was a chiropractor that provided services for an injured party in another insurance claim? Then, the fact that there are two distinct but seemingly related records starts to get interesting.

What if we cleansed the data and combined these records and then there was a subsequent claim with Bobbie Lee, 345 Mane, Anitown, US 12354 as the driver? It probably would have been more valuable to have kept the original records and linked them together. Having all three separate, “dirty” records would be important and valuable.

This process of identity resolution (or entity resolution and analysis) is starting to be recognized as an important subset of business intelligence. Gartner just recently added it to their chart of BI technologies. It’s just in the beginning stages of adoption though and has not hit the hype part of the curve like master data management. As I review the agenda for the BI Summit, there are three sessions on MDM, two on data integration, one on data quality, but identity/entity resolution is nowhere to be found.

MDM and data quality initiatives deliver significant value, but let’s remember to take advantage of the insights that inconsistent and ambiguous data can hold. CIOs and analysts are starting to realize the value of entity resolution technologies, and I expect the next BI Summit will have an item or two on the agenda that discusses this next step in the evolution of business intelligence.

Identity Resolution Daily Links 2008-3-21

Friday, March 21st, 2008

[Post from Infoglide Software] Evolving Beyond Similarity Searching and Identity Resolution

“Matching names and other identifying information to present a clearer picture of reality is a core goal of advanced government initiatives like DHS’s SecureFlight program. By knowing who someone is and who they’re related to, agencies can participate in social and business transactions with heightened confidence and efficiency. For example, in terrorist screening, it’s helpful not only to know who the person really is but also whom they know. As Jeff Jonas points out, there were connections between all 19 of the terrorists in the 9/11 attack. But because the bad guys keep getting smarter, the technology and processes to identify them have to keep getting better.”

The State Journal: Fraud Stoppers

“To many people, insurance fraud may seem to be victimless crime if a crime at all. . . . But law enforcement experts and insurance experts say nothing could be further from the truth. In this ‘victimless crime,’ everyone is a victim, they say. ‘Insurance fraud costs every homeowner in West Virginia $300 per year through higher premiums,’ said Vickie Neal, regional director of the National Insurance Crime Bureau, a nationwide nonprofit organization that partners with law enforcement to detect and prosecute insurance fraud. . . . ‘Some of the cases with agents we have to go through months and months of books,’ Cline said. ‘To mine that information and put that data in a form that we can take to prosecutors takes a lot of time and work.’”

Loss Prevention: Leading Retail’s Response to ORC - An Interview With Brad Brekke

“ORC (organized retail crime) is hard to identify and understand if you do not step back, investigate, analyze, and look at data from a broad perspective. Much retail crime occurs at the store level, but ORC occurs across a much broader base than one store. Moving away from theft in the store, there is a lot of selling of stolen goods, including traditional fencing of goods and e-fencing on Internet auction sites. . . . You need data to frame your position because businesses make decisions based on data. Finding it can be difficult, but there is more data available today than there ever was. It is also important to partner either with other retailers through the trade organizations or with law enforcement to bring the data together to determine if it is a big enough problem to assign resources to and, if so, what are the right resources. . . . From what we have seen from our own internal data and from external data, ORC is a serious problem.”

PogoWasRight.org: Second National Fusion Center Conference Held to Foster Greater Collaboration

“More than 900 federal, state, and local law enforcement and homeland security officials attended this week the National Fusion Center Conference here to further the U.S. government’s plans to create a seamless network of these centers.”

Evolution of Security: Update: Bob Screens the Apple MacBook Air

“We were able to get our hands on a MacBook Air and run it through the X-ray in our lab. My suspicions were correct. The MacBook does look completely different than your typical laptop or DVD player.”

TechTarget: DAMA keynote: Survival of the data management fittest

“Blechar laid out a number of best practices data management professionals should embrace to meet the changing information architecture landscape. . . . Adopt master data management (MDM) to further data reuse. Business users want agility, Blechar said, ‘which means when you want to reuse the data, it’s there in a way you can consume it.’ MDM is especially important for federating operational data in real time, he said.”

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