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Identity Resolution Daily Links 2009-08-07

Friday, August 7th, 2009

[Post from Infoglide] Applying Identity Resolution to Patient Identification Integrity

The recently passed economic stimulus plan included $20 billion to encourage adoption of electronic health records by medical facilities across the U.S., spurring a huge amount of activity in the health care world. A key issue in EMR implementation is the integrity of the patient identification process used in creating an enterprise master patient index (EMPI).

KELOLAND.com: Keeping An Eye On The Highways

“South Dakota troopers receive alerts about fugitives and people of interest that may be in the state on a regular basis through a place called the National Fusion Center Network. It’s a Department of Homeland Security agency that funnels information to law enforcement agencies in every state. ‘The information sharing is something that improved after 9/11. I think this is a case where the information sharing paid off,’ Lt. Welsh said.”

HealthData Management: When Will EHR Spending Ramp Up?

“‘The steady drumbeat of inevitability is changing the debate from not ‘if’ we’ll get an electronic health record but ‘when’,’ says Eric Brown, research director at Forrester Research Inc., Cambridge, Mass. ‘There’s a tipping point at which we’ll see big growth, but we’re not there yet.’”

YouTube: Bruce Schneier on Secure Flight

Noted security expert Bruce Schneier discusses how TSA’s Secure Flight program has evolved

Identity Resolution Daily Links 2009-07-27

Monday, July 27th, 2009

By the Infoglide Team

information management: Multidomain Master Data Management for Business Success

“All data that flows through an enterprise can be categorized into six different types: who, what, when, where, how and why. Master data is about who, what, when and where. ‘Who’ data is about the parties of interest that matter most to a business or organization including stakeholders, benefactors, customers, suppliers, owners, providers, partners, etc.”

HSToday: DHS Highlights Intelligence Improvements in Report Marking 9/11 Report Anniversary

“To date, 72 fusion centers have been designated throughout the country, with DHS having provided more than $340 million from fiscal years 2004-2009 to state and local governments to support these centers. DHS also deployed the Homeland Security Data Network to 29 fusion centers, which allows the federal government to share information and intelligence with states and provides fusion center staff access to the most current terrorism-related information.”

The Healthcare IT Guy: Guest Article: Why Doctors Hate Electronic Medical Records

“The fact is that doctors love high-tech. They have reason to hate EMRs but not computers and iPhones.”

DecisionStats: Interview Jim Harris Data Quality Expert OCDQ Blog

Jim Harris - ‘I know that Gartner has reported that 25% of critical data within large businesses is somehow inaccurate or incomplete and that 50% of implementations fail due to lack of attention to data quality issues.’”

Identity Resolution Daily Links 2009-07-24

Friday, July 24th, 2009

[Post from Infoglide] Entity Resolution as Data Mining

“In my last post, I suggested that entity resolution in the broadest sense (“Big ER”) really encompasses three activities.  The first is locating and collecting entity references from unstructured sources (entity extraction), the second is resolving and merging references to the same entity (“Little ER”), and the third is analyzing associations among entities.  Not every ER process involves all three activities.”

BeyeNETWORK: Some Perspectives on Quality

[Bill Inmon] “There are then very legitimate circumstances where incorrect data is best left in the database or data warehouse. Stated differently, there is no circumstance where correcting data or not correcting data is the right thing to do. In order to determine which approach is proper, the context of the corrections has to be known. Only then can it be determined whether correcting errors is the proper thing to do.”

Homeland Security Watch: How To Improve Homeland Security: Give the ODNI Oversight Responsibility for Fusion Centers

“To me, fusion centers are a fine example of Darwinian logic in homeland security.  There was no comprehensive national plan to create fusion centers.  In original intent, Founding-Fathers-federalism fashion, states and cities decided they were not getting the intelligence they wanted.  Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, New York and a handful of other jurisdictions took responsibility for processing - or “fusing” - their own intelligence.”

ITBusinessEdge: Master Data Management and the CIO’s Strategic Plan

“If we look at MDM as a collection of techniques providing enterprise-wide data requirements analysis and subsequent implementation of best practices in data management, then the savvy IT manager might cherry-pick from the tools offered by vendors to provide the optimal solution that unifies the view of critical data concepts while satisfying the data quality requirements imposed by a horizontal information solution.”

I, Cringely: Medical Records R Us

“So medical records are an area where IT could make us healthier and, if done correctly, ought to save lots of money, too.  What we need is some form of centralized medical record keeping that preserves patient privacy yet, at the same time, keeps us from shopping all over town for bogus Oxycontin prescriptions.”

Identity Resolution Daily Links 2009-07-17

Friday, July 17th, 2009

[Post from Infoglide] iPhones, Identity Resolution, and Cloud Computing

“A personal favorite saying for years has been “invention is the mother of necessity” (a twist on the original saying, of course). It aptly conveys what has driven the high tech industry for the last several decades. Principles like Moore’s Law and its equivalent for the internet have created unanticipated waves of computing and networking power. All that available power has released the combined creativity of tens of thousands of engineers and marketers who dreamed up ways of interacting and managing our lives and businesses that were inconceivable 30 years ago…”

Liliendahl on Data Quality: Match Destinations

“When matching party data – names and addresses – very often it is not just only about hitting similar records, but also about performing some form of transformation with the data before, during and after the hitting.”

Tech Law Notes: Health IT & Open Source

“Repeatedly, I hear the refrain that this stimulus money is going to go to systems that can be put to a “meaningful use,” and that is going to exclude rogue open source Health IT developers from being funded, squelching innovation in the market place.  I imagine that complying with the security regulations under HIPAA probably hinder innovation, too, but they increase the reliability of the system vendors that remain in the market place and reduce the risk to the data of patients that might be in their computer systems.”

The Data Doghouse: People, Process & Politics: Integration Portfolio

“Existing IT projects may be under the label of: Corporate Performance Management (CPM), Master Data Management (MDM), Customer Data Integration (CDI), Product Information Management (PIM), Enterprise Information Management (EIM), Data Warehousing (DW) and Business Intelligence (BI).”

Identity Resolution Daily Links 2009-07-13

Monday, July 13th, 2009

By the Infoglide Team

CiOZone: Ask the CIO: What’s your data management strategy?

“Undoubtedly, the recession has interrupted—or scaled back—some MDM-related work. But as Aaron Zornes said during an interview just before the July 4th holiday, ‘It’s not as if projects like risk management or Anti-Money Laundering, or Know Your Customer can wait until the economy improves.’ Some work just has to go forward—rain, shine, or economic downturn.”

Insurance Journal: California Efforts To Reduce Prison Budget Would Hurt Fraud Fighting

“‘Taking the power out of the hands of the public prosecutor to charge someone with a felony crime will have a serious impact on public safety. Insurance fraud is a serious crime that demands serious consequences,’ the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud, National Insurance Crime Bureau, National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association and the International Association of Special Investigation Units said in a joint letter to Schwarzenegger.”

mydesert.com: 6 accused of trying to steal winning lottery tickets in Coachella Valley

“Undercover investigators posing as customers handed clerks decoy winning tickets and asked if they had won, Jeandron said. Some of the clerks told the investigators that their ticket was not a winner, but then went on to file a claim with the Lottery to collect the winnings.”

HISTALK: Monday Morning Update 7/13/09

“I don’t have access to the full text of the article, but I truly believe that once the pain of getting EMRs running as data collection appliances is over (meaning we’ve got data collection clerks known as doctors and nurses in place, which is the ‘pain’ part), the benefit will be incredible.”

Identity Resolution Daily Links 2009-07-10

Friday, July 10th, 2009

[Post from Infoglide] What’s the Data Quality Business Message?

“What’s it going to take to move the data quality space forward in the future? That’s the question recently addressed by Ted Friedman of Gartner as reported in an article in destinationCRM.com. He suggests that the real answer may be messaging.”

CiOZone: Master Data Management Ready For Prime Time

“As with many application areas, Microsoft’s sweeping move into MDM signals a mainstreaming of the field, according to Aaron Zornes, founder and chief research officer of the The MDM Institute, Burlingame, Calif. ‘As a practice, MDM has been going on in some industries since 1980s, but it’s only been formalized with a growing, purpose-built vendor base in recent years,’ he says. ‘In the time since the institute was founded in 2004, the industry has matured considerably.’”

data quality PRO: Data Quality Blog Roundup - June 2009 Edition

“Another marked increase in online publishing this month for the data quality sector. A smattering of new entrants means there is a steady flow of fresh ideas and insight in this months blog roundup.”

Government Security News: OPINION / Analyzing intelligence data: Matching information in foreign languages

“While the challenge is great, there is technology specifically designed to “connect the dots” among persons, places and things of interest. Called “entity resolution,” this technology is coming into the mainstream, specifically in light of the growing urgency to track down terrorists and stop terrorist threats before they happen.”

Life as a Healthcare CIO: International EHR Adoption

“The most widely implemented are England, Denmark, Netherlands, and certain regions of Spain which are close to 100%. Sweden, Norway are at 80% and behind and Germany/France are at 50%. The US is somewhere between 2 and 20%, depending on how you classify a comprehensive EHR.”

Identity Resolution Daily Links 2009-06-22

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

By the Infoglide Team

intelligent enterprise: They Better Get This MDM Program Right

“As reported in The New York Times and on the TSA Web site, the Secure Flight program will improve upon current practices in matching passenger identities to watch lists in many ways. At first glance, this appears to be a well thought-out program that conforms to several basic tenets of Master Data Management (in bold below), in this case for the ‘Customer’ entity.”

EHRWMS: Georgia’s Best EMR Used By Three of Top Ten Pediatricians

“Of approximately 100 respondents, 28 used an EMR, of which 40% used the EncounterPRO Pediatric EMR. There were only three other EMRs used more than once, and they were used by only 10%, 7%, and 7% of the survey respondents respectively.”

Government Executive: Enforcement agencies boost cooperation on drug investigations

“In addition, ICE agents for the first time will fully participate in the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force Fusion Center. The center allows participating federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, including DEA and the FBI, to share information and analytical resources to enhance their overall investigative capacity.”

SmartData Collective: The Data-Information Continuum

“Data could be considered a constant while information is a variable that redefines data for each specific use. Data is not truly a constant since it is constantly changing. However, information is still derived from data and many different derivations can be performed while data is in the same state (i.e. before it changes again).”

Identity Resolution Daily Links 2009-06-08

Monday, June 8th, 2009

By the Infoglide Team

Biz-Tech:Insurance fraud claims on the rise

“‘When someone commits insurance fraud they’re not just stealing from insurance companies,’ said Sanger. ‘They’re stealing from fellow customers.’ A recent study from the N.I.C.B. shows property/casualty insurance fraud costs Americans nearly $30 billion each year.”

PCWorld: Push For Electronic Medical Records Must Slow Down, For Security’s Sake

“‘I look forward to medical records going electronic,’ said Howard Schmidt, the former White House cybersecurity czar, ‘but I have a tremendous amount of concern about building a really, really good healthcare infrastructure… and then securing it later.’ Schmidt spoke with PCWorld at RSA 2009.”

IT-Director.com: A Bulldog Puppy Emerges

“Microsoft has moved further in its plans to introduce a master data management (MDM) capability into its product line. Microsoft had previously purchased Stratature, an MDM vendor known for its dimension management, and has used this as the basis for its MDM offering, previously known as Project Bulldog.”

Tampa Bay Online: TSA wants better picture of travelers

“With gender and birth information, the system, known as Secure Flight, will be better able to prevent misidentification of passengers who have names similar to individuals on the watch lists and better identify those who appear to pose a threat, the TSA said.”

Identity Resolution Daily Links 2009-06-05

Friday, June 5th, 2009

[Post from Infoglide] Entity Resolution vs. Entity Identification

“In entity resolution, as in any new research area, different authors or practitioners may use the same term but intend different meanings. You always have to be careful to understand exactly what a writer means when he or she uses a particular term.”

Ramon Chen: Shared Musings: Informatica acquires AddressDoctor GmbH - adds another MDM component

[Ramon Chen] “Outside of Informatica’s purchases, over the last few years there have been several purchases of supporting MDM products including IBM’s acquisition of Exeros, SAP buying Business Objects, who prior to that bought FirstLogic for $69M in 2006, IBM acquiring Ascential QualityStage and DataStage for $1.1B, D&B acquiring Purisma for $48M. This is a fast moving market and commodity components of the MDM lifecycle are being snapped up by the big boys faster than you can say Master D…”

Health Newstrack: Patients want computer consultations, electronic health record

“‘It seems that as the population ages and finds itself facing more illness and serious medical conditions, privacy of health information becomes much less important to patients than it is when they are healthy,’ she notes. ‘Patients are willing to trade some privacy in order to have records fully available in emergency settings and available to new caregivers as well as to multiple clinicians.’”

Information Week’s Analytics Blog: IT Fusion Centers

“The Fusion Center consolidates, analyzes, and distributes information through the many different organizations in order to enhance the ability to foresee and hopefully forestall terrorist activities. Many IT organizations are seeking to adopt the Fusion Center model as a means of obtaining a better overall view of their operations. They want to maximize resources and streamline operations just as their peers in the field of counterterrorism have done.”

Workers Comp Insider: Aging America: A Looming Catastrophe?

“The IAIABC Journal is published two times per year by the International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions (IAIABC), an association of government agencies that administer and regulate their jurisdiction’s workers’ compensation acts. It’s a peer-reviewed Journal, and one of a few remaining venues that publishes original research papers and in-depth treatment of workers compensation issues and opinions.”

Identity Resolution Daily Links 2009-06-02

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

By the Infoglide Team

cnet news: What you need to know about e-health records

“Supporters say electronic medical records will boost the quality of medical care, reduce duplication of services, and limit errors, all of which could save money and lives. The National Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Medicine estimates that between 44,000 and 98,000 people in the United States die each year because of errors such as being prescribed medicine to which they are allergic.”

tricityherald.com: Travel restrictions to get tighter June 1

” Beginning June 1, travelers will need either a U.S. passport, a state-issued enhanced driver’s license, a U.S. passport card or a trusted traveler card to enter the country through land or seaports. Passports were made mandatory for air travel in 2007.”

Las Vegas Sun: Fusion center’s attention on prevention

“The trio appeared to be doing the kind of photographic surveillance terrorists might do before they strike a target, the officers concluded. So they contacted the Southern Nevada Counter-Terrorism Center. The center is run by Metro Police and houses investigators and analysts from local, state and federal law enforcement agencies in Southern Nevada.”

Destination CRM Blog: Tom Siebel Sends His Regrets

“Our customer data is now more siloed than it ever was, it doesn’t match, and the owners of the respective systems that process it don’t talk to each other much. The single version of the truth has eluded us. We’re still trying to sell customers products they already have.”

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